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Benifits of an Intercom System


A home intercom system is a communication tool enabling individuals in different areas of a building or facility to interact via audio or video connection, serving various purposes in residential and commercial settings.


Here are potential benefits and uses of intercom systems:


Enhanced Security: Intercom systems verify visitor identities before granting access, such as at front gates, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized entry.


Improved Communication: Intercom systems facilitate communication between different building areas, allowing for quick assistance or inquiries, such as using an Aiphone intercom.


Convenience: Intercom systems, whether in Airlie Beach or elsewhere, enable easy communication across locations without physical movement, saving time and enhancing efficiency.


Emergency Response: In emergencies like fires, intercom systems allow swift communication to alert others and coordinate responses, such as utilizing an Aiphone home intercom.


Access Control: Integrated with access control systems, front gate intercoms offer an extra security layer, enabling remote door unlocking for authorized personnel.


Overall, home intercom systems offer numerous benefits for both residential and commercial settings, including enhanced security, improved communication, convenience, emergency response facilitation, and access control management, making them invaluable additions to properties in Airlie Beach or any other location.

Hikvision GEN 2 intercom

The Hikvision Gen 2 Aiphone intercom is a security system that helps you control who has access to your property. It has two parts: an outdoor station and an indoor station. The outdoor station is usually installed outside your gate or door of the home and has a camera, microphone, speaker, and call button. When visitors arrive, they can press the call button, and the indoor station will ring. The indoor station has a screen that displays the video feed from the outdoor station and a speaker and microphone that allows you to communicate with the visitor. You can choose to unlock the door or gate remotely if you want to grant access.

The Hikvision Gen 2 intercom system also has advanced security features, such as motion detection. You can monitor and control access to your property from your smartphone using an app.

Overall, the Hikvision Gen 2 intercom is a user-friendly and reliable security system that helps you manage access to your property in a simple and efficient way on the Gold Coast or wherever you install it.

Intercom installation in Airlie Beach

Upgrading your intercom system from audio-only to a new intercom with two-way video capability can bring several significant advantages for both residential and commercial properties:


Remote Monitoring: Many modern video intercom systems offer remote monitoring via smartphones or computers. This means you can check your front door or gate even when you’re away from home or your business, providing additional peace of mind.


Visitor Convenience: Video intercoms make it easier for visitors to communicate their needs or concerns visually, improving the overall experience. This can be particularly useful in commercial settings, such as hotels or offices, where efficient visitor communication is essential.


Emergency Situations: In case of emergencies, video intercoms offer a valuable visual element that can aid in assessing the situation and determining the appropriate response. This is crucial for both residential and commercial properties.


Integration: Video intercoms can often be integrated with other security systems, such as access control or surveillance cameras, providing a comprehensive security solution for your property.


Property Value: Upgrading to a modern video intercom system can increase the overall value of your property, making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters.


In summary, upgrading to a video intercom system offers numerous benefits, including enhanced security, remote monitoring, improved visitor screening, and convenience. It’s a valuable investment that can provide greater peace of mind and elevate the security and functionality of your property.



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