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Fortifying Home Security in Kingsholme: CKC Security’s 12-Camera Installation with Advanced PTZ

At CKC Security, we understand the paramount importance of protecting your home and loved ones. Our recent project in the tranquil Kingsholme area exemplifies our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art security solutions. In this case, we installed a comprehensive CCTV system featuring 12 cameras strategically positioned around the house and a powerful PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera stationed at the end of a 100-meter driveway, equipped with an impressive 32x zoom capability.

Tailored Security for a Unique Property

The property in Kingsholme presented specific security challenges and requirements. With a substantial driveway leading to the house, the homeowner sought to enhance security not just around the residence but also at the entrance. CKC Security worked closely with the homeowner to design a custom solution that addressed these unique needs.

12 Cameras for Comprehensive Coverage

To ensure complete coverage of the property, we installed 12 high-resolution cameras around the house. These cameras are strategically placed to monitor entrances, blind spots, and key areas of interest. Their advanced features ensure that every detail is captured with exceptional clarity, even in varying lighting conditions.

Enhanced Security at the Driveway Entrance

At the heart of this project was the installation of a cutting-edge PTZ camera at the end of the 100-meter driveway. This PTZ camera offers unparalleled capabilities:

Pan, Tilt, Zoom: With the ability to pan and tilt, it can cover a wide area and track movements effectively.

32x Zoom: The powerful 32x zoom capability allows the camera to closely monitor and capture details, even from a considerable distance.

Motion Tracking: The camera is equipped with motion tracking technology, ensuring that it automatically follows and records any movement on the driveway.

Remote Monitoring and Peace of Mind

One of the standout features of this installation is the homeowner’s ability to remotely monitor their property. Whether they’re at home or away, they can access live feeds and recorded footage from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. This real-time access provides invaluable peace of mind, especially when it comes to the long driveway’s security.