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Secure Your Paradise with CKC Security: The Ultimate Surveillance Solution

At CKC Security, we understand the importance of safeguarding your home and loved ones. That’s why we offer cutting-edge security camera installations tailored to your unique needs. Our recent project in the stunning Surfers Paradise showcases our commitment to providing top-notch security solutions.

Unrivaled Surveillance Technology

For this residential project, we installed a comprehensive security camera system featuring 32 high-performance cameras, including state-of-the-art NYX cameras equipped with advanced people detection capabilities. These cameras are designed to deliver crystal-clear footage and identify human presence accurately.

Strategic Camera Placement

Our security experts conducted a meticulous site survey to determine the optimal camera placements. We strategically positioned PTZ cameras around the property to cover key areas, including entrances, driveways, and expansive outdoor spaces. PTZ cameras offer the flexibility to pan, tilt, and zoom, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

People Detection for Enhanced Security

The NYX cameras we utilized are equipped with cutting-edge people detection technology. This feature allows for immediate recognition of human presence, reducing false alarms and ensuring you are alerted only when it matters most. Whether you’re at home or away, rest assured that your property is under constant watch.

Tailored Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

At CKC Security, we believe that every property is unique, and security solutions should reflect that. Our team worked closely with the homeowner to design a system that meets their specific requirements. We take pride in offering customized security solutions that provide peace of mind and protect what matters most to you.